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Gary Chaplin. The HeadHunter

Gary Chaplin's Bio:

Gary Chaplin has 20 years of high-profile executive search experience and an unparalleled network of exceptional executives to provide the best businesses with the people they didn't even know existed.

A generation of tirelessly engaging with senior execs as well as with the next generation of business leaders, to ensure maximum exposure and knowledge of all markets, providing the perfect experience and most importantly, chemistry fit for all clients.

His knowledge of the senior players in all markets enables us to compile shortlists quickly and efficiently while his research team ensures we leave no stone unturned. So confident in his ability that he offers a 12 month free replacement on placements. Recruited for majority of the North-West's 'blue-chips' and MNEs as well as leading entrepreneurs, SMEs, VC/PE-backed businesses and high-net-worth individuals. 

Gary Chaplin's Experience:

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